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This is page about hardware creations for CoCo-3's
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My Tandy CoCo-3 Color Computer running NitrOS-9 v325.

This CoCo-3 has: Hitachi HD63C09EP CPU, 64MB memory, 16550 serial port, 68B21 parallel port and full CPU buffers, all on one circuit board, piggy-backed on top of a CoCo-3 motherboard.

Plugged into the CoCo-3 bus: A modified 26-3022 floppy controller and a single-chip IDE harddisk controller board.

External to the CoCo-3: 2 IDE drives, 1 CD-drive, 1 ZIP-drive, 3 floppy drives (1 - normal 360K, 1- 3.5 inch HD floppy, 1- 5.25 inch HD floppy) with a PC-type power supply for all, in repack style.

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